Versatile solutions

NTPT excels in versatile composite material solutions, with in-house capabilities in resin mixing, prepreg tape production, ATL technology, and kitting. The company’s expertise extends to carbon lamination, precise molding, CAD design, FEA analysis, and specialized epoxy systems, all tailored to meet diverse customer needs. NTPT’s assets also include crafting multilayer stacks and leveraging the benefits of thin plies, reinforcing their commitment to precision and innovation in composite engineering. With this array of capabilities, NTPT can respond to various needs in a range of versatile applications.



NTPT’s unparalleled capabilities revolve around its capacity to propose tailored solutions, offering clients custom materials characterized by precisely engineered fibers and resin systems. This commitment to customization, precision, and innovation has firmly established NTPT as a trailblazer, consistently redefining the standards in composite engineering.


Flexibility in design is a crucial aspect of NTPT’s capabilities in the realm of composite materials. Having the expertise to manufactured tailored solutions, NTPT can adapt to the unique requirements of each project. Whether it involves adjusting fiber orientations, selecting specific materials, or creating custom designs, NTPT’s flexibility in design ensures that their composite structures align precisely with the vision and needs of their clients. This adaptability empowers NTPT to offer versatile solutions across diverse industries.


NTPT’s expertise in utilizing diverse fibers and resin systems underscores their versatility in composite material engineering. Its ability to harness various types of fibers, combined with a range of resin options, enables it to manufacture customized composite solutions that precisely match the unique requirements of each project.


NTPT’s remarkable capacity to develop bespoke processes tailored to the specific needs of their customers is a cornerstone of their commitment to innovation. By meticulously analysing the unique challenges and objectives of each project, NTPT’s skilled team of engineers and specialists can craft a tailored process that optimizes efficiency, precision, and performances. This approach not only enhances the client’s product but also showcases NTPT’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in composite material engineering. Whether it involves refining production techniques or creating entirely novel methodologies, NTPT consistently demonstrates their ability to develop processes that align perfectly with customer requirements, delivering exceptional results in the process.

Versatile solutions


EMCO (Electrical Magnet containment)

Thin ply UD : Adhering to precise tolerances on inner and outer sleeve diameters minimizes the gap between stator and rotor, elevating electrical motor efficiency. This reflects our commitment to a systematic and highly engineered approach in composite material serial production, underscoring our dedication to quality and efficiency.


TP271 High Tg epoxy resin : Our application spans a spectrum from standard to elevated temperatures, reaching up to 200°C for optimal utilization. This delineates a meticulous and systematically engineered paradigm in composite material serial production, showcasing our technical proficiency and unwavering dedication to the highest standards of quality and efficiency.


Application : Electrical motors for EVTOL, aeronautics, Vacuum cleaner, vacuum / blowing hand dryer.


Design flexibility


Materials waste optimization

Thin ply UD, toughen resin : Exceptional fatigue resistance and outstanding spring properties characterize our materials. This underscores our commitment to a systematic, well-engineered approach in composite material serial production, emphasizing technical precision and an unwavering dedication to quality and efficiency.


Application : Prosthetic blades, exoskeleton leafspring, orthopaedic insole

Cryogenic temperature liquid hydrogen

Thin ply UD : High integrity coupled with resistance to crack propagation at cryogenic temperatures exemplifies our commitment to precision and excellence in composite material serial production. This underscores a systematic, well-engineered approach, emphasizing technical expertise and a steadfast dedication to quality and efficiency.


Application : Cryogenic tank for liquid hydrogen storage energy aerospace



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