In the fast-paced landscape of the transport and mobility industry, NTPT emerges as a transformative force towards lighter and more efficient vehicles with the integration of composite parts in their manufacturing. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, precision, and sustainability NTPT stands as a key actor in shaping the future of transportation.



Composite materials, known for their high strength-to-weight ratio and durability, are widely used in the automotive transportation sectors. NTPT’s expertise in precision engineering, resin system formulation, reinforcement fibers spreading, ATL, and kitting aligns with the demands of industries where lightweight and high-performance materials are essential.


NTPT proves in its ability to intricately design and manufacture components tailored for the transport and mobility sector. This expertise is dedicated to ensuring that its materials consistently meet the high standards and specifications required for applications in mobility.


ATL’s capabilities are demonstrated particularly in the sector of the mobility. Most of the parts being light sandwiches structure, NTPT process allows to create the skins layup directly and then save time during manufacturing while ensuring the quality of the laminate.


The kitting approach is surely an asset for NTPT in the part’s manufacturing for the mobility sector. While improving significantly the lamination phase, it allows also to reduce the materials’ waste linked to production impacting both sustainability and costs in a sector where NTPT can propose serial production.



Lightweight structural cladding

Reduced Weight

Enhanced Stiffness
Lower Environmental Impact

Lightweight structural cladding involves advanced composite materials known for their high strength-to-weight ratio, ideal for weight-sensitive applications like mobility. NTPT offers innovative solutions like lightweight flax fiber sandwich panels, showcasing NTPT’s commitment to cutting-edge and versatile solutions.

Interior panels

High Strength and Durability
Lightweight Construction
Customizable Designs

Interior panels play a crucial role in the mobility industry by providing a combination of lightweight design, strength, safety, and customization. These panels contribute to improving overall vehicle performance, passenger comfort, and environmental sustainability. The incorporation of NTPT’s carbon in interior panels has the potential to reduced ecological footprint, particularly in high energy settings such as the mobility industry.


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