Fine watches & Aesthetics

NTPT has strategically positioned itself at the forefront of the fine watches and aesthetics industry by collaborating with Richard Mille, one of the most innovative actor of the sector. This partnership proves the versatility of the thin ply materials providing both high performance in the most demanding domain but also unique aesthetically features.



NTPT stands as a beacon of excellence in the fine watches and aesthetics industry, where precision, technical prowess and commitment to quality converge. The collaboration with Richard Mille not only redefines industry standards but also opens new horizons for who seeking to push the boundaries of innovation.


At the core of NTPT’s groundbreaking approach is the creation of ultra-homogeneous blocks. Thin plies and rigorously controlled autoclave curing converge to produce materials of unparalleled strength and consistency. This commitment to precision sets a new standard in fine watchmaking, ensuring each block exhibits exceptional homogeneity.


The integration of ATL technology takes the precision further, allowing for the meticulous creation of preforms with consistent quality while simultaneously reducing labor costs. Specialized cutting machine refines the process, guaranteeing that each stack meets the required dimensions for uncompromising precision in the final product.


From resin development to curing, NTPT’s integrated process ensures exceptional semi-finished products. Renowned for precision and efficiency, the proactive team and proprietary technologies reinforce NTPT’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Fine watches & Aesthetics


Richard Mille

Introduction of Carbon and Quartz Fibers
Production in clean room

Innovation in Manufacturing 

In partnering with Richard Mille, NTPT brings expertise in advanced composite materials, precision engineering, and innovative manufacturing. This collaboration ensures personalized solutions that enhance the distinctive aesthetics and performance of Richard Mille watches, setting them apart in the luxury market. Mix of materials and mix of colors, NTPT has provided Richard Mille with a toolbox allowing a wide range of color and material combinations, enabling them to further establish their uniqueness and expertise both in design and technology.

Interior car

Lightweight Materials

Customization and Aesthetics


NTPT elevates car interiors with lightweight efficiency, personalized aesthetics, advanced manufacturing precision, enhanced durability, and sustainable materials. Innovative design solutions not only meet but surpass industry standards, offering a distinctive competitive edge to NTPT’s automotive partners.



Richard Mile

NTPT began their collaboration with Richard Mille when Thin Ply prepregs were used in a watch, for the first time, to produce the original RM 011 in Carbon TPT®. The collaboration between the two companies has already proven fruitful, notably with the invention of Quartz TPT®, as well as the creation of a Carbon TPT® injected with graphene.


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