Design & Engineering

NTPT's integrated approach to design and simulation

At NTPT, dedication to engineering innovative solutions involves design reviews and simulations. Rather than isolated attempts, design and simulation form essential steps of every projects. The smooth incorporation of these capabilities into processes is highlighted by the skilled team of engineers, ensuring the realisation of high-quality and reliable solutions.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

At NTPT, CAD is more than just a tool. It’s a finely tuned instrument for improving clients’ 3D models. Engineers use it with precision to optimize each design, from the client’s first idea to the final manufacturing-ready blueprint.

Structural Finite Element Analysis (FEM)

In the simulation domain, NTPT has experience in Structural FEM, enhancing internal capabilities. FEM provides dependable insights into clients’ project structures. Engineers, guided by professionalism, proficiently use advanced FEM software to navigate structural complexities, ensuring that designs meet customers’ requirements. With a professional approach to every simulation, this asset plays a significant role across various applications, providing precision and reliability throughout projects.


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