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Our values

Our core values form the foundation of our identity and guide our every endeavour.
We take pride in upholding these principles as we strive to deliver the best quality of our work.

At NTPT we highly esteem the collaboration, nurturing a culture of teamwork where everyone contributes to our shared success. We welcome all ideas. At NTPT, listening takes precedence, as we value diverse perspectives from our team, clients, and partners, ensuring every voice is heard in our collective journey.

Passion infuses every aspect of our work, from product development to customer service. Our teams are fueled by a deep enthusiasm for what we do, creating a culture where dedication and commitment are the norm.

At North Thing Ply Technology, the value of evolution is ingrained in our DNA, driving us to constantly raise the bar. Our teams possess a relentless desire to always do better, pushing boundaries and thinking beyond the immediate goals. Evolution, for us, is not just a process; it’s a mindset that fuels innovation and propels us toward excellence.

Our Promises

Rooted in our DNA is a swift and responsive mindset, allowing us to promptly address challenges with agility. We tailor our approach to meet dynamic needs, ensuring quick action and decision-making. Additionally, adaptability is key to our ethos. Embracing change, we swiftly adjust to new circumstances, navigating complexity with ease, and tailoring our approach to fit each project’s unique requirements.

Pioneering Solutions: Innovation is the heartbeat of NTPT. We foster a culture that encourages curiosity, exploration, and groundbreaking ideas. Constantly pushing boundaries, we seek inventive solutions that set new standards in the composite materials industry.

Customization as Standard: We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Tailoring solutions to the specific needs of our clients is a commitment we hold dear. Our bespoke approach ensures that each product and service is crafted with precision to meet individual requirements.

Rooted in mastery, our team brings extensive expertise to every project, ensuring comprehensive understanding and successful outcomes. At NTPT, excellence is non-negotiable. We maintain the highest standards of quality throughout our processes, guaranteeing precision and reliability in every product.

Our teams

NTPT Poland x Switzerland

Get to know the heartbeat of NTPT : our team. NTPT’s manufacturing facilities are located in Poland, and the research and development (R&D) center is in Switzerland. The manufacturing hub in Poland thrives on skilled labor and efficient operations, ensuring high-quality production. In Switzerland, the R&D center is at the forefront of innovation, pioneering cutting-edge technologies to address specific challenges. This dual-location facilitates seamless collaboration between production and innovation, allowing NTPT™ to deliver high-quality, advanced materials globally with a focus on precision and technological excellence.


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