Composite Product Development

NTPT's capability to develop new composite products with clients

At NTPT, collaboration with clients isn’t just a feature; it’s the cornerstone of the approach to composite material development. By working closely with clients, NTPT ensures that the materials developped are precisely tailored to their needs and requirements. This collaborative ethos enables to deliver not just products, but highly customized solutions that with a high level of performance and innovation.

Customized materials development

NTPT distinguishes itself not only through comprehensive client support but also by offering tailored materials development throughout every phase of a project. From initial ideation to final execution, NTPT’s team support clients, ensuring seamless progression and successful outcomes. With expertise in engineering resin systems and producing prepreg tapes from a variety of materials, including different resins and fibers, NTPT provides flexible solutions tailored to specific project requirements.

Commitment to innovative processes

NTPT showcases solid capabilities in developing specific products through its advanced engineering assets. The company’s fully integrated process and experience in developing innovative manufacturing techniques demonstrate its capacity to assist its clients in a large range of applications. Whether it’s crafting aerospace components with optimized strength-to-weight ratios, automotive parts prioritizing lightweight features, or high-performance hydrofoils in serial production, NTPT’s commitment to pushing boundaries ensures the development of optimized processes for each unique application.


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