Datasheets provide comprehensive mechanical characterization data for T800 fibers, facilitating performance comparisons. Moreover, we offer alternative fibers designed for various resin systems, providing a range of properties suitable for diverse applications. Standardized values, normalized at 60vol% of fiber, are presented, but our adaptable process allows for exceptionally high fiber content, enhancing performance metrics.


The 67gsm value serves as a standardized measure for mechanical testing. Each datasheet specifies the achievable Fiber Areal Weight (FAW) and Fiber Volume Fraction (FVF) ranges. For additional information or guidance on material selection for your project, feel free to reach out to us.

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Thin Ply reference

Inhouse epoxy resin system developed to make thin plies down to 15gsm. Used in applications for high performance or lightweight structure. It has low outgasing and flexible cure cycles.



  • Motorsports
  • Bodywork
  • Aerospace
  • Fibre Weight : 15-150gsm
  • Dry Tg : 170°C

Low temperature cure

Designed for the marine industry, where high Tg and very thin plies are not needed. It can cure at lower temperature and has improved out of autoclave cure.



  • Marine (foils, hull, bulkheads…)
  • Fibre Weight : 30-200gsm
  • Dry Tg : 135°C

High performance

Designed to produce the best mechanical performance of all our systems. For those looking for the highest strength to weight ratio.



  • Motorsports
  • Marine (foils)
  • Highly loaded structures
  • Fibre Weight : 30-150gsm
  • Dry Tg : 130°C

Glue Film

Our Glue Film epoxy system. Used to bond, composite-composite, composite-foam or composite-honeycomb parts. Low temperature cure and good flow properties for bonding.



  • Motorsport
  • Honeycomb
  • Certain core and steel bonding
  • Fibre Weight :
    • 150-400gsm with 25gsm scrim glass
    • 25-150gsm unsupported
  • Dry Tg : 110°C

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