Adhesive Film

Adhesive Film

Adhesive films for complete range of bonding solutions

Versatile bonding capabilities

NTPT Adhesive films are advanced materials meticulously crafted for the bonding of composites. Consisting of a thin layer of resin, these films provide distinct advantages across a range of technical applications, including composite-composite bonding, composite-honeycomb bonding, composite-foam bonding, and composite-metal bonding.

Specific use in composite molding

Adhesive films play a pivotal role in composite molding, particularly when enhanced resin is required for superior impregnation. Composites, rich in fibers, gain significant advantages from these films, which effectively function as a filling agent at the regions where mold’s curvature can affect layers’ drapability. Resin films aid in avoiding the risk associated with porosities during challenging lamination situations.

Adhesive film

GF736 resin film

The GF736 resin is suitable for multiple purposes. Crafted as an epoxy system in the form of a glue film, it boasts optimized viscosity for sandwich core bonding, especially honeycombs, and facilitates low-temperature curing. If needed, adhesive films can be created from any of the other resin systems developed internally and in various thicknesses to fit to every project’s requirements. This flexibility also proves valuable for bonding two composite parts using the same epoxy found in the composite material itself.


Heat and pressure activate the thin resin layer, ensuring a robust and uniform bond.


The thin nature allows precise application, eliminating variations in adhesive distribution.


Adhesive films contribute to lightweight solutions with excellent resistance to environmental factors.


Compatible with various substrates, they find applications in diverse industries, enhancing adhesion in composite manufacturing.

Seamless integration: ready-to-use adhesive films for effortless bonding

The convenience of providing the adhesive film in a ‘combo,’ pre-deposited on the last layer of the preform, means it’s ready to use with no additional man-hours required. The adhesive films are specially designed to seamlessly co-cure with NTPT’s resins, ensuring compatibility and exhibiting excellent flowability during curing, especially in honeycomb structures.


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