NTPT is one of the innovative actors in the marine industry, with cutting-edge technologies, serial production capabilities, and a strong focus on performance, repeatability, and durability. NTPT’s innovative and advanced composite solutions contribute to elevate industry standard while developing a more performing and sustainable future for marine applications.



NTPT is notable in the marine industry for its expertise in advanced composite materials. Prioritizing performance, innovation, and customized solutions, NTPT addresses diverse application needs. Through serial production, the company aims for reliability and scalability, positioning itself as a significant contributor to advancements in the marine sector.


NTPT offers the capability to develop tailored composite structures. They allow for customized solutions that precisely meet the unique requirements of specific marine applications. This flexibility enhances the adaptability of NTPT’s materials to diverse marine projects.


NTPT allows the scalability of its solutions thanks to an automated and serial manufacturing process. This ensures that the benefits of NTPT’s technologies are accessible to a wider range of marine applications. Thanks to that, NTPT contributes to industry-wide progress.


NTPT fosters a culture of innovation, challenging traditional norms and constantly introducing novel approaches. This forward-thinking mindset ensures that the marine industry can benefit from the latest advancements and adapt to evolving needs.



Compact boat hydrofoils

Optimized composite structures
Serial production capabilities
Reactivity with fully integrated process

What sets NTPT apart is its capapilities to propose tailored composite solutions for serial production, ensuring scalable and accessible high-performance foils. By seamlessly bringing reactivity with a fully integrated process, NTPT delivers efficient, reliable solutions that cater to the evolving demands of high-performance compact boat applications.

Sailing yacht foils

Design flexibility
Materials waste optimization
Efficient manufacturing processes

In sailing yacht foils production, NTPT innovates by combining advanced composite materials with a unique approach. NTPT’s proposal is to introduce the right materials at the right places to offer a tailored composite solution that fully matches all customer’s requirements. This innovative strategy provides designers with flexibility, ensuring sailing yacht foils achieve optimal performance without sacrificing durability.

Bulkheads & structures

Ultra-lightweight structures

High-defined laminates

Thin or Thick plies utilization

In high-performance marine engineering, NTPT involves itself in engineering advanced bulkheads and structures. Through tailored composite materials and an automatized manufacturing process, the company participates in redefining industry standards. NTPT prioritizes the essential balance of reliability, durability, and lightweight attributes for these crucial components in high-performance marine applications.



Manufacturing of foils for Nicomatic Mini 6.50

Fast prototyping foils manufacturing for the Mini 6.50 Nicomatic using a unique approach that does not require significant tooling investments.

Production of structural parts for SP80
Supply of all the materials required to build the boat and manufacturing of structural components such the kite arm for their world sailing speed record attempt.



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