Multilayers stack

Multilayers stack

Multilayers stack for tailored composite applications

Driven by the need to stack very thin plies to large thickness, NTPT’s specialised in crafting multilayers stack using Automated Tape Laydown (ATL). Tailored to customer designs, the approach integrates unidirectional (UD) materials stacked with different angles, enabling an unlimited combination of layers and material types. This innovative strategy ensures that each composite structure becomes a unique reflection of the clients’ vision, blending limitless possibilities with precision engineering.

NTPT's kitting assets

At NTPT, kitting entails the meticulous preparation of customized component sets for composite manufacturing. This process optimizes efficiency, reduces waste, and ensures accuracy in producing composite structures. The delivery of ready-to-use kits streamlines workflows, enhances customization, and optimizes material usage for diverse design needs.

Bi-axial approach : optimized strength and performance

Designing components with bi-axial carbon fiber layers optimizes strength in two primary directions, enhancing load-bearing capabilities without compromising weight. For high-curvature parts, the biaxial approach proved already its enhanced capacity to adapt to shapes when compared to more complex multilayers stack.

Multi-axial composite layers : design flexibility without compromises

For high-constrained parts, the multi-axial approach offers the possibility to use highly defined composite matching the structural requirements of the most demanding projects. These types of multilayers stack offer the possibilities to have adequate mechanical properties according to all the needed directions. When it comes to the lamination, NTPT developed its process to laminate these complex stacks even on the most complex geometries.

Quasi-isotropic stacks : homogeneous structures in various applications

For parts requiring to have good resistance in any situations, the quasi-isotopic stacks are the best choice. With the integration of different sizes of plies, NTPT propose a wide range of quasi-isotropic from the ultralight stacks dedicated to applications focusing on performance to thicker stacks for a more versatile utilisation.

Tailored Multilayers Stack

Multilayers stack offering enhanced customization

By closely collaborating with customers to understand their unique needs and design specifications, NTPT offers added value through its capability to deliver tailored solutions and rapid responsiveness to evolving customer requirements. The versatility to integrate various orientations and materials within a single multilayer stack offers countless options tailored to meet the requirements of each project.


In numerous applications, NTPT’s multilayers stacks demonstrate full compatibility with cores like foam or honeycombs within sandwich structures, rendering them ideal for lightweight constructions. This attribute is particularly crucial for applications prioritizing the attainment of minimal weight.


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