Sports & Leisures

NTPT strive for excellence in composite materials. Its approach, guided by precision and quality, sets new standards for strength and lightweight design. Crafted by a dedicated team using cutting-edge technology, NTPT’s materials subtly enhance sporting and leisure performance. Trusted by those in the know, NTPT offers a powerful contribution to elevating your experience.



Precision engineering, integration of advanced technologies and commitment to quality collectively define NTPT’s values in the sports and leisure industry. The company positions itself as a reliable and innovative partner for customers seeking superior quality composite materials.


NTPT finely tunes its composite materials for optimal performance through dedicated in-house developed software integration. This allows the engineering team to utilize precise features and ensures reliability and trust in the materials’ performance.


The seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies in manufacturing processes is a key value. NTPT’s utilization of the latest advancements in material science and manufacturing techniques ensures that its composite materials remain at the forefront of innovation, offering clients a technological edge in their applications.


The unwavering commitment to quality is foundational for NTPT. Rigorous quality control measures ensure that each product meets the highest standards. This commitment instills confidence in clients, fostering long-term partnerships based on the assurance of consistently superior composite materials.

Sports & Leisures


Tube technology for Golf shafts

Precision Engineering for Performance Excellence

Advanced Technology Integration for Optimal Design

Commitment to Quality for Consistency and Durability

NTPT masters tube creation technology, and has developed an automatic process to create golf shafts, through precision engineering, advanced technological integration and an unwavering commitment to quality. The winding process completely developed and designed by engineers guarantees unrivaled consistency.

Foils materials for sport (wing/wind/kite)

Ultra-lightweight structures

High-defined laminates

Thin or Thick plies utilization

NTPT elevates water and wind sports with advanced, lightweight foils. Precision engineering, automated manufacturing, and customization ensure optimal performance, durability, and reliability. Experience peak efficiency with NTPT’s foils, designed for diverse sporting needs.



TPT Golf

Thin Ply Carbon Prepreg enables TPT Golf to create a much more homogeneous material, delivering instantaneous and clear feedback through the shafts.
Our in-house developed automatic process allows us to keep the fibers perfectly aligned on the axis. This results in the absence of parasitic bendings during the swing, enabling more consistent hits on the sweet spot, increased distance, and a tight dispersion.

Supply of carbon multilayer stacks for Foil&Co
NTPT began the collaboration with Foil&Co by supplying pitch fiber, an Ultra High Modulus fiber which allows the foil mats to deform less with the same applied force. In addition, NTPT allows Foil&Co to control the direction of the fibers from the design of the rollers to reduce waste and have fiber directions adapted to the constraints of the masts.



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