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NTPT : A rigorous and integrated approach

In the dynamic landscape of composite material serial production, NTPT takes an important role with a rigorous and integrated approach. This journey unfolds through a serie of precision-engineered steps such as in-house resin system formulation and reinforcement fibers spreading for making unidirectional prepreg tapes of diverse weights. The Automated Tape Laydown (ATL), and kitting (multilayer stacks cutting), complete the NTPT assets to propose a seamless and efficient process that sets new standards in quality and versatility.

In-house resin system formulation

At the heart of NTPT’s material production capability is its in-house resin system formulation. This not only ensures the highest quality control but also allows for customization to meet specific project needs. The tailored resin system enhances the overall performance of the composite materials, providing a reliable and consistent foundation for various applications.

Reinforcement fibers spreading

NTPT has developed a unique process to spread reinforcement fibers, impregnate them with our resin system, and make both thin and standard-size prepreg UD tapes. The use of thin plies allows for an optimal balance between strength and weight with excellent properties in fatigue conditions. The standard-sized prepreg tapes showcase the company’s versatility in various industrial domains with an excellent ratio between performance and costs.

Automated Tape Laydown (ATL)

NTPT’s commitment to efficiency and precision is exemplified through the incorporation of ATL in the process of materials production. This advanced technique optimizes the placement of prepreg fiber tapes with unmatched accuracy and bringing the possibility to control each layer’s orientation and types of materials. The result is a repeatable and intricate layup of materials, enhancing the overall structural integrity and allowing for the creation of complex designs.

Kitting (Multilayers Stacks Cutting)

Further optimizing the production process, NTPT integrates kitting, involving the precision cutting of multilayer stacks. This step ensures that each layer aligns perfectly, contributing to the overall consistency and quality of the final composite materials. Kitting allows for a tailored approach, facilitating the creation of materials with specific stacking sequences to meet diverse project demands. The kitting operation is also essential to reduce the materials waste linked to the carbon fibers preparation for lamination.

Quartz manufacturing in clean room condition

At NTPT, meticulous attention to detail characterizes the clean room application, ensuring the production of quartz materials with the highest quality standards and minimal risk of contamination. Through strict adherence to cleanliness protocols, no impurties is preserved throughout the manufacturing process. Furthermore, our manufacturing capabilities allow for the incorporation of pigments, offering clients the opportunity to personalize materials according to their unique specifications, while still upholding our commitment to precision and flexibility in delivering solutions.


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