NTPT contributes to the motorsport industry through our dedication to precision in composite material production. Our thin ply laminates aim to enhance performance standards, offering teams a modest advantage in Formula 1, endurance racing, and rallying. NTPT is honored to be a part of your motorsport journey, providing materials with a touch of precision, quality, and reliability. Choose NTPT for a subtle yet impactful boost in performance.



NTPT’s materials are meticulously engineered to meet the exacting requirements of motorsport applications, where weight reduction, strength, and aerodynamics are paramount. The company’s continuous investment in research and development ensures that their products meet industry standards, providing teams with a competitive edge on the track.


NTPT’s commitment to precision engineering is paramount. The meticulous attention to detail in manufacturing thin ply laminates ensures that components meet exacting standards. Precision engineering directly impacts the structural integrity and performance of materials, a critical factor in the high-stakes environment of motorsports.


The deep understanding of materials science and engineering principles positions NTPT at the forefront of technological advancements. The continuous investment in research and development ensures that NTPT’s composite materials exceed industry standards, providing teams with cutting-edge solutions. Advanced materials science is foundational to delivering products that meet the evolving demands of the motorsport industry.


NTPT’s materials contribute to a competitive edge for motorsport teams. Whether in Formula 1, endurance racing, or rallying, the lightweight yet robust nature of NTPT’s composite solutions enhances vehicle dynamics, fuel efficiency, and overall performance. The pursuit of a competitive edge is fundamental for success in motorsports, making NTPT a strategic partner for teams aiming to outperform their rivals on the track.



Formule 1

Delivery Responsiveness

Flexibility and Customization

Ultra-thin skins for Bodyworks

Hybrid Preforms

Surface Finish

Quartz Fiber Preform

NTPT plays a critical role in Formula 1 through the application of its advanced composite materials. The precision-engineered thin ply laminates developed by NTPT find essential use in various components within Formula 1 cars, contributing to performance, aerodynamics, and overall efficiency.

Aerodynamic fairing

Streamlined Efficiency

Stability Enhancement

Tailored Customization

An aerodynamic fairing is a critical component in the world of high-speed vehicles, serving to optimize aerodynamic efficiency, reduce drag, and enhance overall performance. Its design and customization are crucial for achieving success in competitive racing and improving the efficiency of vehicles in various applications.


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