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NTPT's composite prepreg processes and manufacturing

In the world of advanced materials and molding operations, NTPT is an innovative company. It specializes in key processes that renew industry standards. These include composite prepreg lamination in molds and fast prototyping for cost-efficient tooling. NTPT also integrates advanced techniques such as prepreg winding, compression molding, and autoclave curing. Its capabilities contribute to innovation in the manufacturing landscape of high-quality parts.

Composite lamination in molds

NTPT distinguishes itself in precision composite lamination within molds, showcasing expertise in creating intricate designs and complex shapes. This process ensures a high degree of accuracy and repeatability, crucial for applications demanding precision, strength, and flexibility.

Prepreg compression molding

NTPT’s technology ensures consistent and controlled application of pressure and temperature in prepreg compression molding applications. This precision in the molding process contributes to the creation of composite components with accurate and controlled geometries with optimal strength-to-weight ratios.

Prepreg winding

NTPT’s expertise extends to innovative prepreg winding techniques, enabling the production of composite structures with tailored mechanical properties. The strategic layering of prepreg materials allows for precise control over characteristics such as stiffness and strength.

Autoclave curing

NTPT’s proficiency in autoclave curing is a testament to its dedication to quality. This controlled curing process enhances the material properties of composite structures. This particular process allows to optimize the product development circle.

Fast prototyping approach

Fast prototyping process is a game-changer, particularly in reducing tooling costs. The ability to rapidly iterate and refine designs through this process minimizes expenses traditionally associated with tooling, expediting the product development cycle.

Composite molding expertise

North Thin Ply Technology is at the forefront of molding operations with a focus on lamination, fast prototyping, prepreg winding, compression molding, and autoclave curing. The precision, efficiency, and sustainability embedded in these processes underscore NTPT’s commitment to advancing the possibilities of composite material engineering.


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