NTPT takes part in aerospace innovation with its cutting-edge technology: thin-ply technology, optimizing strength and efficiency. NTPT’s commitment to precision engineering and rigorous quality control ensures reliability, setting the standard in the dynamic aerospace industry



NTPT’s added values lie in its ability to combine groundbreaking technology with a commitment to precision and a comprehensive approach to manufacturing. By choosing NTPT, partners in the aerospace industry gain access to innovation, reliability, and a collaborative spirit dedicated to advancing the boundaries of aerospace engineering.


NTPT’s high-performance thin ply technology redefines the balance between structural strength and weight efficiency. This innovation not only improves performance but also significantly contributes to energy efficiency, a crucial factor in the aerospace sector.


Precision is the cornerstone of NTPT’s operations. Every component manufactured by NTPT undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance measures, guaranteeing a level of precision that is paramount in the aerospace sector. This commitment to accuracy minimizes errors, ensuring that NTPT’s products meet and exceed industry expectations.


NTPT has a history of successful collaborations with major players in the aerospace industry that contributed to advancements in aerospace technology. NTPT is considered as a trusted partner for manufacturers seeking innovation, reliability, and efficiency. With its innovative DNA , NTPT also propose to collaborate with its partners from the beginning of the project to develop materials perfectly matching to its requirements.



Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS)

Lightweight & High-Performance

Enhanced Payload Capacity


NTPT’s thin ply technology offers ultra-lightweight materials tailored for both UAVs and HAPS, optimizing structural integrity, maneuverability, and optimum payload capacity. With a focus on high-performance and endurance, NTPT ensures that UAVs equipped with its materials lead the industry in reliability and longevity, while also contributing to shaping the future of UAVs and advancing the capabilities of HAPS for long-endurance missions.

Deployable structure

Advanced Lightweight Materials

Precision Engineering for Reliability

High-Strain Resistance

In the field of aerospace deployable structures, NTPT leverages its skills in lightweight materials, precision engineering and high-stress strength to optimize overall performance. Through meticulous design and innovative techniques, NTPT improves the functionality and reliability of deployable structures, ensuring they meet the requirements of the aerospace industry.

Satellite solar panels

Structural Integrity for Space Conditions

Maximizing Power Generation

Customization for Satellite Applications

In satellite technology, NTPT redefines solar panels with quasi iso skins in thin ply. Their lightweight materials optimize power generation, saving weight, and elevating vibrating frequencies.



Solar Impulse 2

For this solar-powered aircraft, the essential prerequisite was an extremely light aerostructure. The material that ultimately satisfied this need proved to be very thin composite tapes. The airframe’s main and rear wing spars, fuselage and empennage were constructed from NTPT’s thin ply epoxy prepregs.

BAE Phasa 35

The Phasa35 solar-powered UAV, supplied with NTPT’s Thin Ply materials, revolutionizes high-altitude and long-endurance missions. With its lightweight design maximizing the payload, it opens up a field of opportunities for industries.

Caltech Deployable Structure



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